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released June 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Ke Nova Bloomington, Indiana

Ke Nova (Kati Gleiser) is an internationally recognized concert pianist, soul~full vocalist, and computer music artist. She has performed Coast to Coast throughout North America and as far as Shanghai, China, performing at venues ranging from barns and cafes to elite concert stages, including the Kennedy Center. ... more

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Track Name: Other, Sister, Twin
She began with two lovers
on the swept floor of earth.

She was what passed between them.

She was a gourd too heavy for the vine
and full of her own wet seed.

Her grandmother kept the red bag
that held her stem
so she would not forget
the other women she lived inside
before this ruined time.

The beginning of hunger
was in that bag
with bones and the origins of betrayal,
but there was the forgiving thing,
the dry seeds of the rattle
that could shake healing to a start.

She stood naked
and painted herself
in the old way,
a red hand
across her face.
She danced in the ceremony
of fire
that rose to the stars.
She wrapped night's black skin
around her shoulders
and disappeared inside its dance.

She is the one that lives now
in the hand of the river
that wants to flow away from itself
but never does,
and at night she falls
beneath the water
where once I woke wearing her painted skin.
The red hand of it was on me.
I knew I was water
and heard her say,
Above is the betrayed world
where our children are the children of strangers
along the lost road
in the land where barns are red
because they are painted with the blood and milk
of mothers
of what they hold.

The closed bundles of healing
are beginning to open.

The first stem is growing like a vine.

It holds the cure
where you can reach through time
and find the bare earth
within your living hand.

I say her name.
It is earth calling land,

It is glacier calling ice,
My daughter, my sister.

It is ocean
calling the river,

© Linda Hogan, Book of Medicines 1993
Track Name: Glass
The place where the wind blows through
Where winter enters the room
Here I live

I didn't know my ancestors' lives had been traded
For the vision of our faces
Inside our own hands

This life, it's like living in water
In the cracks in-between the thawing ice
That has begun to live again
Ice yearning to return to water again

There's the wilderness
We live inside
and long for
The place where the wind blows through
Where winter enters the room
Here I live

As a child
standing between two mirrors
I see myself growing infinitely small
and fractal far away

I didn't know my ancestor's lives
Had been traded for the vision of our faces
inside our own hands

It's the place where the wind blows through
where Winter enters the room

When we realize what we've done
to destroy our children's home

It's the wounded crack
where Raven walked out from
Believing his feathers were white
Until he saw himself
Black and shining
In the skin of water
All the infinite way down

© Linda Hogan ~ Adapted by Ke Nova

Used with Permission: "Glass" from Book of Medicines © 1993
Track Name: Great Grandmother
I leave you flowers at the shore
Sing to you through water
You are here, in the eye of my I
The light that reflects inside

I undo yellow prayer ribbons in the sky
Doves fall into my open palms
Sky holes where once they flew
Now singing through hollow bones

I feel your love

The love of thousands!
Taste your tears in the earth
I know you gave your all
So that I may be born
I am the echo of your love

A thousand years from now
My ovaries sail out to sea
for I will be the ancestor
for the children of our sacred Earth

And the umbilical from me to You
Is the emptiness the wind blows through

I feel your love
Track Name: Bells
We hang like bells
From the roof of the world
Each a choir of hearts
Nomads to the umbilical of the world
We her Children

We are All this Healing

Stardust falls through my open palms
Falling through waking dreams
Stardust falls through my open palms
Falling through waking sleep

I pray for this Awakening
What will bring us home again
Water cupped in my open mouth
Water through which my Ancestors swam
Water that breathes this Sacred Fire
That burns in my broken heart

Stardust falls through my open palms ...

One day I'll drop this skin
After all my mission was given
All that could be fought for was won
All that wanted life was born

One day this house will become the sky!
One day I'll open wide!
Give everything that was given to me
All of it
The only way I know

Stardust falls through my open palms
Fall in Falling
Stardust falls through my open palms
Fall to Nothing

We hang like bells from the roof of the world
Each a choir of hearts
Singing our Freedom Song
Track Name: Ovaries
My ovaries sail out to sea
Soak into our fragile skin
Exploring the ocean
I bring you again

From stardust to vertebrae
From the beginning of everything
All that I am wants to nourish you
To give to you the seeds
To provide for your every needs

I am sorry my child!
I did not know that I knew! (but I knew)

I trusted the world skin would see you through
But the poison, the pollution, is so great,
She may not want you

I never asked
I never asked how much longer we have
I never asked will this breath be our last

I Love You!
I Love You, my Child's, Child's, Child's, Child's Child.

Your mouth is my mouth
I swallow what you swallow
The Truth is a ripple in the still silent snow
The Truth is found in the deep below

You thought you were untouchable
You thought you were higher
You can deny your DNA
But you can't run away from your blood

The wound of the world is in our forgetting
And the Sacred medicine is in our Remembering
Track Name: Fall To My Knees
I fall to my knees
Pour our my burning pain
Give it all
Let it all fall

Lay down my broken heart
Lay down this heavy human

I crawl into the Earth
Deep into your womb
The dark is healing
Falling deep into the ground
Deep into You

Give it all
Let it all fall
Track Name: Heard Your Cry
Love, I heard your cry through the dark night
Your tears shattered all the skies
Love, don't you cry

I feel your pain as my own
Cradle your fears into warmth
Love, we are not alone

Your heart is my heart
Your breath is my breath
Your body is my body
Your death is my death

Love, don't you cry
Love, we are not alone

Each in our longing for the Source
The skin of separation blinds us to ourselves
The center of the wheel falls through us all
We each hold the Universe's Soul

We are the Whole
We are the World's Soul
Track Name: Children of Light
See her, I do
Kneel to her, I do
What sweetness she is
What child is this

She will open her eyes from my first self
A light in her being, with a brightness of step
I see her as I am
My hand at the back of her neck

Love her, I do
Hold her, I do
What sweetness she is
What child is this

Come on Child,
You will live in a shiny meadow
Or a cave of crystal
Your first step towards an opening of sun
Or a star-filled night

And the girl-child in my center
You are the breath of the future
We leave you this poisoned earth
But I assure you,
It's a beautiful world

Swim alive into the open dawn
All possibility awaits you
With wide open arms

How very tender
Like the turning silver of the fish
In the river, at night
Beautiful, exhausted, to come swimming
Into the circle of this world

You are the carried gift
You are the carrier

Come on Child
Even if you will not understand
Even if one day you will be angry with your own kind

Lyrics © Linda Hogan, Adapted by Ke Nova

"Children of Light" ~ Rounding the Human Corners 2008
Track Name: I Bow
I bow into the soft arms of our Mother
I kiss the Earth

We are the Love of Thousands
A living prayer of all our Ancestors
I am the love of thousands
A living prayer of all my Ancestors

An ocean of generations' breath
From Ancients to Now!
This Eternal Presence

We Her living water
We Her living Breath
We Her living Mystery


I bow deeply with respect and gratitude to Linda Hogan,
who inspired these Lyrics.
Track Name: Corn
Here is the female corn
Here is the male
Their wild skirts flying

Here is the sweet dark daughter who passed between those
Fertile currents of each other's love
She sleeps in milky sweetness
She is the daughter who comes from a far away land
a far away time

Where sky and earth
Are Lovers at the dawn each day
Creators' Love in ecstatic embrace

Here is the female corn
Here is the male
The hot barefoot dance
That burns your feet

But I can't stop dancing
Can't stop trading my gifts with the land
Pouring my love into the ground

Long after the sleep of seeds
All things will grow
The children who climb into this world
Will find it green and alive

Lyrics © Linda Hogan, adapted by Ke Nova

Used with Permission.

"The Origins of Corn" from Book of Medicines 1993
Track Name: Prayers
We are the Prayers of our Ancestors
We are the Voice for our Children

We All come swimming from the Great Dark
Look how far we've come
Look how far we've journeyed
Swam across the Infinite Universe

You are a star
Born of an infinite Universe


I bow with deep gratitude and reverence to Linda Hogan,
who inspired these lyrics.